Pure White Screen

Now you guys can use this Pure White Screen to check your display for dirt particles, dead pixels, and stuck pixels. In addition, you can also use this tool to determine whether your screen needs service or not. To get started with this tool, click on the button shown inside the screen below.

White Screen!

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Pure White Screen - Features

Online Pure White Screen Test

When you see a pure white screen, it’s pretty easy to tell if your LCD screen needs replacing. Thus, if you see faulty pixels in this test, your display screen may be infected.

Moreover, if you see a blue or green hue on the background, the screen is defective and needs replacement. 

In the meantime, if the screen is in good condition and functional, it should only show a plain white color.

White Screen

Features Of This White Screen

Checking your monitor’s display when it is displaying white is the most common way to find defective pixels. If there are any defective pixels on your LCD monitor, they will be quite visible when displaying a pure white background.

A dirty screen could affect the calibration results. For that reason, this tool is useful to calibrate the brightness and contrast of your display.

You can also use it as a tool to look for dead pixels or stuck pixels on your computer monitor.

The purpose of this test is to give you a quick snapshot of your screen’s performance. What follows is a white screen display that lets you see how well your display is performing.

This test checks for any discrepancies in the screen output and detects the presence of dead, stuck, bright, or dark pixels.

Moreover, you guys can also find display contrast and brightness, the presence of warm and stuck pixels, and the amount of backlight bleeding using this amazing tool.


What is the main use of the White Screen?

White screens are extremely helpful for spotting all dirt, dust, and dead, stuck, white, and warm pixels. It would be best to clean every LCD screen periodically to avoid disruption of picture quality and stop further damage.

Why is it important to clean screens regularly?

Your device’s screen is prone to dust and dirt particles, especially if you use it outdoors. You must keep it clean for a better viewing experience. If the screen has any dead or stuck pixels, they can be very distracting no matter how small they are.