Pure Green Screen

The Pure Green Screen is a very useful tool when testing your display screen. The main reason why it is most popular is the fact that it is easy to see dead or stuck pixels that have turned white against the green background.

Green Screen!

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Dead Pixel Test

Pure Green Screen - Features

Online Pure Green Screen Test

You can check the efficiency of your display screens with this online too. This tool is an ideal solution if you want to find dead pixels on your phone and tablet screens.

The color green is used in this test since it is one of the most sensitive colors to human eyes. It makes it easier for you to spot any dead pixels on your screen. 

Meanwhile, finding dead pixels can be a challenging task if you have a large screen or if you are using several smaller screens.

This tool will help you test each one of them for dead pixels or other display malfunctions of the same nature.

Green Screen

Features Of This Green Screen

This is a useful tool for checking the efficiency of your display screens. The tool is an ideal solution if you want to find malfunctioning pixels on your phone and tablet screens.

Firstly, you guys can use this screen for multimedia production purposes on a smaller scale.

Secondly, the Green Screen has a pixel grid function that helps you to check for dead/stuck pixels.

Most importantly, it’s a useful tool to test your display screen and you guys can use it for testing both LCD and LED screens.

Moreover, it is also great for checking contrast ratios, viewing angles, and checking for light bleed. On top of that, it also allows you to test if your screen is in perfect condition or not.

Furthermore, this green screen is also great for professional video editing, compositing.

Moreover, you guys can also find display contrast and brightness, the presence of warm and stuck pixels, and the amount of backlight bleeding using this amazing tool.


How green screen helps in finding malfunctioning pixels?

The tool displays a single green color that fills the whole screen with no patterns or text showing up. So, if any malfunctioning pixel is there you can easily spot them with the help of this pure green screen.

Are dead pixels harmful to your health?

Dead pixels are not harmful to our health or our devices unless they start to expand on their own, but they can be annoying, particularly when we are watching a movie or playing a game. Thus sabotaging user experience.