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If you have any broken pixels on your screen, then you can notice them more clearly in this Pure Black Screen than in a brightly-lit background. A dead pixel appears as an abnormality on the screen, usually in one of three colors: red, green, or blue.

Black Screen!

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Pure Black Screen - Features

Online Pure Black Screen Test

The idea behind the black screen test is to make sure your smartphone’s display is actually working properly. 

It allows you to check if there are any dead pixels on the screen, monitor the contrast and clarity of the display, and see if there are any other software issues that affect how the display works.

One important thing to consider is when you use this web app increase your phone’s brightness to maximum brightness setting, which allows you to see everything clearly. In fact, this way, it makes it easier for you to diagnose any problems with your phone’s screen.

Black Screen

How To Use This Black Screen

The Pure Black Screen is a digital tool that checks your phone’s screen for any defects. It’s a smart way to determine if the pixels in your phone’s display are working correctly. To perform the this test, follow these steps:

Firstly, Open this web app on your phone and tap on the black square to turn your screen black.

Afterward, keep your phone’s brightness setting on maximum brightness. Then observe your phone’s screen to see if you can spot any dead pixels or light bleeding.

In addition, you can also try tilting your phone’s display at a different angle to see if there are any dead pixels that you might have missed before.

Most importantly, If you can’t find any dead pixels, then it means your phone’s display is functioning properly, and you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon!

Meanwhile, If you do find any dead pixels, then there is no need for panic as long as they aren’t in the middle of your screen where they will be most noticeable when using certain apps like Facebook or YouTube!


What makes Black Screen useful?

Pure Black Screen is considered one of the best dead pixel detectors because it can detect even one pixel broken on your LCD screen.

How to increase the life of your display screens?

The best thing you can do is to protect it with a tempered glass protector. Tempered glass protectors are thin pieces of glass that cover the entire display. They provide solid protection against scratches from keys or coins in your pocket, as well as drops and cracks.