Dead Pixel Test

Dead pixel test is your go-to online tool if you are skeptical of your display screen having either dead or stuck pixels. This amazing tool lets you test your display screen in primary colors including white, black, red, green, and blue in full-screen.

Dead Pixel Test!

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Dead Pixel Test -

Online Dead & Stuck Pixel Test

Dead pixels are a very common problem with all sorts of screens, both new and old. Moreover, a dead pixel also called a stuck pixel is a pixel on a screen that has lost its ability to emit light.

However, you can try fixing the stuck and dead pixels using this stuck & dead pixel fix.

Meanwhile, in some cases, it will be displaying the correct color for that location by coincidence. However, in other cases, the color will be wrong.

To identify a dead pixel you need to first turn off your monitor then turn it back on and look at the screen. So, if you see anything but black when the screen is completely blacked out, then you have at least one dead pixel.

Meanwhile, for a more extensive check log into this dead pixel test and check your display screen in five primary colors for a comprehensive test.

What Causes Dead Pixels

The most common cause of dead pixels is the liquid crystal material in between the glass and the actual pixels which becomes damaged or dislocated. Moreover, transistors stuck either switched “on” or switched “off” can also cause dead pixels.

Other factors that may result in dead pixels include manufacturing defects, physical damage, strong direct rays, or high-intensity light sources.

The only way to fix this issue is to replace the screen or at least repair it. This can get somewhat pricey depending on where you take your device to be fixed and if they even offer this service in your area.

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What You Can Do On Dead Pixel Test

This is a handy tool that will help you with checking your display screen for possible pixel damage. Moreover, you can perform several tasks related to the health of your display screen here with this tool.

Find Dead Pixels

First of all with the help of this online tool you guys can uncover dead pixels on your display screens. As long as you have an active internet connection, this tool will work on your devices including iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Personal Computer, Laptop, or iPod Touch.

Find Stuck Pixels

Moreover, you guys can also discover stuck pixels with the help of this tool. Usually, stuck pixels are the result of various factors, such as manufacturing defects, an always-on transistor, hardware issues, or excessive current supply pressure.

Find Warm & Cold Pixels

Additionally, this tool can help you guys spot the warm and cold pixels on your screens. Meanwhile, a cold pixel is one that does not respond to incoming photons. Whereas a hot pixel is a result of an increase in the dark current.

Find Dirt & Dust

As a final feature, you may also use this tool to identify dust and dirt particles on your displays. Digital device users are familiar with the problem of dust on display screens. You can avoid it by regularly cleaning your screen with a dust cloth or a soft cloth.

How To Use This Dead Pixel Test

The interface of this amazing tool is very intuitive and easy to use. Even those without a technical background can use it easily. To get familiar with the functioning of this dead pixel test, follow these steps:

Firstly, log in to this and tap on the button residing within the display screen to start the test.

After you click the button this tool will open a blank full screen with a white background so you can look for malfunctioning pixels.

Moreover, you can click or tap on the screen to change the color of the background in primary colors including white, black, red, green, and blue in full-screen. While this range of primary color backgrounds allows you to identify malfunctioning pixels of different nature.

Meanwhile, you can traverse between the mentioned primary colors as long as you want until you locate all the malfunctioning or dead pixels.

Finally, you can exit the full screen by tapping on the ESC button if you are using this tool from a personal computer or laptop. In the case of mobile or other digital devices, tap the back button to return to the home screen to learn more about dead or stuck pixels and relaunch this tool.


How to fix stuck pixels?

There are several methods to fix the stuck pixels. Sometimes a simple reboot will fix a stuck pixel. Alternatively, changing brightness levels can also help in fixing the stuck pixel back to normal. Moreover, applying gentle pressure and heat can also help in some cases. Remember that stuck pixels usually fix themselves on their own. It is therefore recommended to use a stuck pixel fixer or to seek professional assistance.

How to fix warm or hot pixels?

It is possible to fix warm or hot pixels by gently pressing on them with a damp piece of cloth. Additionally, you can use warm pixel fixer software. It is always best to seek professional assistance.

Are dead pixels really fixable?

A dead pixel usually manifests as a black dot although it can be of any color. Most of the time, dead pixels are permanent and not fixable. However, you can try a dead pixel fixer if you are lucky enough it can fix the dead pixel for you.

How to fix white pixels?

Just like the dead pixels, white pixels are not fixable either. Unfortunately, the only possible fix in the case of white pixels is the replacement of the display screen. Unlike other malfunctioning pixels, white pixels are hard to find. Therefore before buying a new device check your device via this dead pixel test to avoid possible hassle afterwards.